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These are very unique and unprecedented times in our city, country and world.  These are times that call for extra precautions but also times that call for us to lean into our faith and to be the body of Christ with and for one another in very important ways. Our faith is a resource in times like these and I truly believe that God walks with us in times such as these. 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being spread throughout Chicago so we need to take the important step to create ‘social distancing’ to slow down that spread and try to ensure that our health care system can take care of the individuals who will need it most.  In light of that fact, we will NOT be having our regular Sunday worship services at our church building.

However, the Church is not the building, but the people. So we will still be ‘gathering’ for worship at 11:00 am on Sunday but via Zoom video conference. We will also do this for weekly Bible Study.  This may be a time for social distancing but it is also a time for spiritual connecting, a time when we need our church family more than ever.  To participate simply email ellisavenuechurch@gmail.com to get the meeting link and password. It is free and easy to use.

In addition to participating in worship on Sunday morning I am calling on you to help look out for and connect with our fellow church members.  Please make an effort to check in and contact our fellow church members  (I challenge you to connect with at least 5 a day via phone, text, FaceTime, email, or social media!) – I am thinking especially of those who are riding this out by themselves, those who have underlying health situations or are particularly at risk and need to be especially careful (e.g. those over 60), and those who now have two weeks where they not only need to be Mom or Dad or Grandma but also now must be a teacher for home schooling.  This is how we will ‘pass the peace’ during these times – to check in on one another very regularly and offer our encouragement and connection.

COVID-19 information and news from the Centers for Disease Control